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Take Advantage of Patent Proofreading Services

Your patent application is essential in helping you realize your dreams. Therefore, it makes sense to emphasize proofreading to make sure that you get it right.

When applying for a patent, it’s important not to overlook the benefits of proofreading. More than likely, there’s room in your application for improvement.

To err is human. Proofreading can help you identify potentially costly and time-consuming errors in your patent application. More importantly, it’s a vital step in ensuring the quality and enforceability of your patent.

It’s time to learn why you can benefit from patent proofreading services and how we can help you in that area.



Proofreading Services: More Value Than Meets the Eye


Proofreading provides you with the benefit of a reader’s perspective. More than likely, you did a great job describing your invention. However, it isn’t always easy to know if you explained your design’s functionality clearly and completely.

As you describe your invention, you know what your words mean. However, how do you know that you expressed those points clearly for other readers?

If you described your invention clearly, a peer in your field should be able to easily duplicate your design using the information that you’ve provided. Without this kind of clarity, you may find that patent examiners will reject your application. Proofreading is an important tool that can help you to prevent this outcome.

It’s also vitally important that your application is technically sound. When applying for a patent, there are many guidelines to follow.

For instance, there are rules regarding your patent drawings. Likewise, there are also rules regarding acceptable writing styles.

Unless you’re a patent professional, it’s difficult to keep track of all the rules as you fill out your patent application. As a result, you may overlook following some of the guidelines in certain areas.

If so, these errors can cause problems. By consulting with a proofreader, you can make sure that your application is accurate before you submit it.

What’s in a Word?

The most important part of your patent application is the claims section. It’s the section that patent examiners use to determine the scope of protection that your patent will provide.

A proofreader will ensure that you clearly distinguish the difference between disclosures and claims. They’ll also ensure that you effectively expressed your idea’s novelty, which is very important to earning a patent.

In a patent application, you must provide comprehensive detail of your invention(s), while also avoiding any ambiguous references.

A proofreader will ensure that you express your claims in clear, comprehensive terms. This type of disclosure will always increase your chances of winning your patent.

Your choice of words can also make a difference in your patent specification. For example, clear non-limiting wording can protect your intellectual property during legal proceedings. Gillette, for instance, learned the hard way about the pitfalls of poor wording.

The international company acquired a patent for the Mach 3 razor. As its name implies, the device has three blades, and their patent focused on that element of the razor.

Similarly, Schick introduced the Quattro razor, which contains four blades. As a result, Gillette filed a copyright infringement complaint.

Unfortunately, the language in the Gillette patent application served as a liability. Gillette had received a patent for a three-blade razor.

However, Schick’s product has four blades. Because Gillette specified in their patent that their device was a “three-blade” razor rather than a “multi-blade” razor, the company lost its case.

A proofreader can help you avoid issues such as the one mentioned above or other embarrassing situations.



Smooth Sailing with Patent Proofreading


If your invention is determined to be patentable, your application outlines the legal rights of your patent. Accordingly, it’s important that your application has no errors or omissions.

An error-free application will make sure that the ownership and maintenance of your patent run smoothly. A patent proofreader can analyze your claim structures and help you to avoid those critical mistakes.

A proofreader will also ensure that your application uses professional non-limiting language, proper grammar, and proper antecedent basis.

Furthermore, they’ll ensure that your application complies with the technical specifications prescribed by the patent office. Most importantly, however, a proofreader will ensure that your application wording reflects your desired meaning.

By hiring a patent proofreading service, you can avoid infringement issues. A proofreader can help you to ensure your application covers an adequate scope. They’ll also help you to word your application in a way that offers value for enforcement.

When submitting a patent application, it’s important to eliminate the likelihood of another party infringing on your intellectual property. A patent proofreading service can help you cover all the bases. They’ll make sure that your application is solid, powerful, and error-free.

Benefits of Patent Proofreading Services

It’s to your advantage to hire a patent proofreader. A proofreader can help you to protect your invention from exposure to infringement. They can also help you to ensure that you’ve expressed your ideas clearly. An experienced proofreader can also help you overcome the technical challenges of a patent application. Most importantly, a patent proofreader can help you ensure that all your hard work provides sustained value.



Learn More About Filing Your Patent


Patent proofreading services are a vital part of the patent application process. However, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to patents.

At Patent Hacks, we’re experienced patent professionals and inventors. We understand the challenges faced by our peers.

Many small inventors face high-cost, complex concepts, and limited options when applying for a patent. It’s our mission to help all inventors overcome these kinds of obstacles.

Patent Hacks is your source for leveling the playing field against big companies with seemingly endless resources. Our team consists of patent analysts, inventors, and patent agents with more than four decades of experience in the patent industry. It’s our mission to give the everyday inventor a chance at realizing their dreams.

To learn more about patents, please feel free to browse our blog. However, if you want to learn how to search, draft, and file your own patent applications, check out our Patent Hacks Learning Center.

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